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Pulsed QCL module



The pulsed QCL module is a compact module containing a TO-8 can packaged pulsed DFB QCL, pulse driver and TEC controller. The module can be easily and remotely controlled via Ethernet connection.

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Type number L14147-1278-01
Wavelength typ. 7.82 μm
Operating temperature (QCL) min. -10 ℃
Operating temperature (QCL) max. +60 ℃
Line width min. 1.0 cm-1
Tunable range min. ±1.0 cm-1
Output power typ. 100 mW
Side mode suppression ratio min. 25 dB
Colimation lenses Not included
Beam apread angle typ. -
Width of beam at waist -

Dimensional outline (unit: mm)


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