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Xenon flash lamp



15 W, Spectral distribution : 160 nm to 2000 nm, Arc size : 3 mm

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Type SQ type
Lamp Shape Bulb
Features Long service life, High stability
Lamp Diameter 26 mm
Arc Size 3 mm
Window Material Synthetic silica glass
Spectral Distribution (Short) 160 nm
Spectral Distribution (Long) 2000 nm
Recommended Supply Voltage 700 to 1000 V dc
Trigger Voltage (p-p) 5 to 7 kV
Max. Average Input [continuous] 15 W
Max. Average Input Energy [Single] 0.15 J
Repetition Rate Max. 100 Hz
Output Stability Fluctuation Max. 2.5 %
Life Min. 1.2 x 109 flash
Cooling Method Convection cooling
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