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IR-enhanced CCD area image sensor



Enhanced near infrared sensitivity: QE=40% (λ=1000 nm), back-thinned FFT-CCD

The S11501-1007S is an FFT-CCD image sensor for photometric applications that offers improved sensitivity in the near infrared region at wavelengths longer than 800 nm. Forming a MEMS structure on the back side of the CCD allows the S11501-1007S to have much higher sensitivity than our previous product (S7031-1007S). In addition to having high near infrared sensitivity, the S11501-1007S can be used as an image sensor with a long active area in the direction of the sensor height by binning operation, making it suitable for detectors in Raman spectroscopy. Binning operation also ensures even higher S/N and signal processing speed compared to methods that use an external circuit to add signals digitally. The S11501-1007S is pin compatible with the S7031-1007S, and so operates under the same drive conditions.

- Enhanced near infrared sensitivity: QE=40% (λ=1000 nm)
- Pixel size: 24 × 24 μm
- Line, pixel binning
- MPP operation

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Type Binning type
IR-enhanced type
Image size 24.576 x 2.928 mm
Number of effective pixels 1024 x 122 pixels
Pixel size 24 x 24 μm
Spectral response range 200 to 1100 nm
Line rate (typ.) 160 lines/s
Line rate (max.) 387 line/s
Dark current (typ.) 100 e-/pixel/s
Readout noise (typ.) 8 e- rms
Cooling One-stage TE-cooled
Window material AR-coated sapphire
Package Metal
Dedicated driver circuit C7041
Measurement condition Typ. Ta=25 ℃, unless otherwise noted, frame rate: full line binning,Dark current: MPP mode

Spectral response


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