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IR-enhanced Si APD



Enhanced near IR sensitivity, using a MEMS technology

HAMAMATSU has developed various types of Si detectors that offer enhanced near-infrared sensitivity due to a MEMS structure formed on the back side of the photodiode. The S11519 series are a family of Si APDs with improved sensitivity in the near infrared region.The S11519 series provides signifi cantly higher sensitivity to YAG laser light (1.06 μm) compared to our conventional product (S8890 series).The S11519 series is a low bias operation type with enhanced sensitivity in the near infrared region. Compared to the conventional product S8890 series, the S11519 series has improved various characteristics such as breakdown voltage, dark current, and cutoff frequency.

-High sensitivity in the near infrared region
-High gain
-Stable operation at low bias
-Photosensitive area: φ3.0 mm

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Type Near infrared type
(1000 nm band/high seisitivity)
Photosensitive area φ3 mm
Package Metal
Package Category TO-8
Peak sensitivity wavelength (typ.) 960 nm
Spectral response range 600 to 1150 nm
Dark current (max.) 90 nA
Cutoff frequency (typ.) 230 MHz
Breakdown voltage (typ.) 350 V
Temperature coefficient of breakdown voltage (typ.) 1.7 V/℃
Gain (typ.) 100
Measurement condition Typ. Ta=25 ℃, unless otherwise noted

Spectral response


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