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Distance linear image sensor



Measures the distance to an object by TOF (Time-Of-Flight) method

The distance image sensors are designed to measure the distance to an object by TOF method. When used in combination with a pulse modulated light source, this sensor outputs phase difference information on the timing that the light is emitted and received. The sensor output signals are arithmetically processed by an external signal processing circuit or a PC to obtain distance data.

-High-speed charge transfer structure
-Wide dynamic range, low noise by non-destructive readout
-Operates with minimal detection errors even under fluctuating (charge drain function)
-Real-time distance measurement

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Type Front-illuminated type
Image size 1.408 x 0.05 mm
Number of effective pixels 64
Pixel pitch 22 μm
Pixel height 50 μm
Spectral response 440 to 1000 nm
Peak sensitivity wavelength 800 nm
Video data rate 5 MHz
Note Typ., Ta=25 ℃, Vdd(A)=Vdd(D)=5 V, unless otherwise noted

Spectral response


Dimensional outline (unit: mm)


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