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Photosensor with front-end IC



Compact APD suitable for various light level detection

The S14847-01CR is a compact optical device that integrates a Si APD and a preamp. It has a builtin DC feedback circuit for reducing the effects of background light. It also provides excellent noise and frequency characteristics. We provide an evaluation kit for the product. Contact us for detailed information.

-High-speed response: 170 MHz
-Two-level gain switch function
 (low gain: single output, high gain: differential output)
-Reduced background light effects
-Small waveform distortion when excessive light is incident

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Package Plastic
Number of channel 1 ch
Photosensitive area/ch φ0.5 mm
Spectral response range 400 to 1100 nm
Peak sensitivity wavelength 840 nm
Photosensitivity 4000 kV/W
High Band Cut-off Frequency 170 MHz
Note Photosensitivity: High gain, λ=840 nm, M=100
High cutoff frequency: Low gain

Spectral response


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