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HoKaWo Image aquisition module



Recently the new sCMOS cameras have revolutionized scientific imaging through their outstanding features. High speed readout coupled with a large field of view and a virtually noiseless imaging sensor even at the highest frame rates make them versatile, high end cameras suitable for many applications. Yet a large number of pixels coupled with high frame rates put new demands to computer hardware and software features, for example the ORCA-Flash4.0 images 4,194,304 pixels (alternatively could say approximately 4 million) with 16 bit data depth, giving a single image of 8.39 MB. To monitor events in such a sample with up to 100 fps and full resolution poses an insurmountable problem to the average PC. Furthermore digital cameras are often delivered as components of complex imaging systems. Powerful software packages control these systems. This complexity makes it sometimes difficult for the user to achieve the cameras full performance – or even to check if it is reachable. For this purpose he needs a reliable software package is needed, providing easy setup and a self-explanatory user interface – so as to realist the maximum camera performance. HoKaWo meets these requirements, but also extends its use towards automation and multi-camera applications.

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What makes HoKaWo your choice

  • Up to 3 cameras can be controlled in parallel
  • On-line image processing without speed reduction
  • Handling of large/high volume image sequences (e.g. for super-resolution or light sheet microscopy)
  • Fast streaming with full camera speed to RAM or hard disk – even for sCMOS cameras
  • Programmable time-lapse recording
  • Good lab practice (Template based creation of metadata-document about the acquired images, required by GLP).
  • ONE software for all Hamamatsu DCAM cameras

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  • 100 % camera performance
  • Focus mode for image preview with high frame rate
  • Sub-array and Binning
  • Sub-array setting in the display window
  • External trigger modes
  • Automatic or manual exposure time control


Luminescence optical imaging

Transgenic Arabidopsis plants expressing Firefly luciferase are placed under the control of a 100 bp promoter element of the CATALASE 3 gene. The LUC signal is emitted mostly from the main vasculature of the leaves, with a signal of lower intensity coming from the remaining leaf tissue.

HoKaWo application1

Fluorescence optical imaging

Bacteria that are immobilized on roots of a tomato plant. The bacteria are stained with a fluorescent green marker. Auto-fluorescence of the plant cells is tinted red.

HoKaWo application2

Multi-color imaging

Rat retina triple labeled with GFAP-Cy3 / S-100-FITC / DAPI.

HoKaWo application3

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