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Flow cytometry

Flow cytometer

Flow Cytometry is a technique of analyzing the properties and structures of cells circulating rapidly in translational motion in the flow cell, which can be measured by irradiating a laser beam to the cells and observing their scattering light and fluorescence. The equipment used for flow cytometry is referred to as a flow cytometer.

PD is used for measuring the scattering light, while PMT, APD, or MPPC are used for measuring the fluorescence. A high-speed CCD camera or similar devices are used for an imaging flow cytometer, which combines the functionality of a microscope and that of a flow cytometer.

Flow cytometry illust

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Linear array multianode PMT module

PMT module having independent light receiving surface (32 ch). Multi-wavelength measurement is supported for a single package when combined with filters and grating.

APD modules

High QE, High S/N

MPPC modules

High QE, High S/N, High Gain

Flow cells

We have a variety of selections including custom-made products

TDI camera

A measurement board level camera which incorporates a TDI(Time Integration)sensor.

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