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Gas analyzer Gas analyzer

Gas analyzer

Gas analysis is used in many fields, including environmental monitoring, process control, energy, and health. Gas analysis based on the absorption of gases at specific wavelengths (UV/visible and infrared) has advantages over other methods, such as non-contact measurement and high selectivity.

Many gases have absorption wavelengths in the near- and mid-infrared (NIR and MIR) region, attributed to the vibration of gas molecules. We offer light sources and detectors for detecting and measuring the concentration of gases.

Lineup of light sources and detection elements


Selection of light sources and detection elements


Recommended products

Mid-infrared LEDs

Mid-infrared LEDs having high output with peak emission wavelengths of 3.3, 3.9, and 4.3 μm are available in metal or compact ceramic packages. For detection elements, use quantum detectors such as InAsSb photovoltaic detectors.

Quantum cascade lasers (QCL)

Quantum Cascade Lasers are semiconductor lasers that offer peak emission in the mid-IR range (4 μm to 10 μm). They have gained considerable attention as a new light source for mid-IR applications such as molecular gas analysis including environmental measurement.

InAsSb photovoltaic detectors

InAsSb photovoltaic detectors deliver high sensitivity in the 5 μm, 8 μm, and 10 μm band due to our unique crystal growth technology.

Thermopile detectors

To meet diverse application needs, we offer a variety of thermopiles, including single-element type and dual-element type.

Xenon flash lamps

Xenon flash lamps are more compact than continuous mode lamps and known to accumulate less heat. They provide a high-intensity continuous spectrum from ultraviolet light, to visible light, to infrared light. After improving electrode construction and materials, Hamamatsu’s xenon flash lamps now offer 5 times more arc stability and 10x longer life than the conventional lamps.

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