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Hamamatsu holds the IEEE Milestone dedication ceremony in recognition of 20-inch photomultiplier tubes


The IEEE Milestone dedication ceremony in recognition of Hamamatsu’s 20-inch photomultiplier tubes was held on November 5. On the same day, the plaque unveiling ceremony was held at Toyooka factory and the dedication ceremony and the celebration party were held in Okura Act City Hotel Hamamatsu.

In the ceremonies, Hamamatsu was honored with the attendance of IEEE President and CEO J.Roberto de Marca, IEEE Japan council members, IEEE Nagoya section members, Director of the Institute for Cosmic Ray Research University of Tokyo, and Director General of the High Energy Accelerator Research Organization. President de Marca said, “It was a challenging, daunting task. But Hamamatsu then-President Teruo Hiruma’s response was one which has made technological advances possible for centuries, if not millennia.” Then-President Hiruma’s response was “Well, I’ll give it a try.” President de Marca added that he was honored to award this epoch-making achievement in the history of technology at the site of the development of 20-inch PMT.

President and CEO of Hamamatsu Photonics Akira Hiruma said, ”I feel motivated every time I see the plaque at Toyooka factory. All employees must aim to create new industries that are valuable for humans and the development of photonics technology, not to mention that we all must pursue new frontiers of photonics technology with challenger's spirit.”

The plaque monument was installed on the right as Toyooka factory is entered through its main gate. The bedrock of the monument is the Hida gneiss delivered from the Kamioka mine where the cutting edge experiments in particle physics are still ongoing. The monument was installed facing toward the Kamioka mine as if it is watching over the next discovery.

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