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Compact and low cost 1D InGaAs image sensor, allowing installation in a portable equipment

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 Hamamatsu has developed the low cost 1D InGaAs image sensor G13913 series by employing a small size LCC (Leadless Chip-Carrier) package. 1D InGAs image sensors have been used widely for near infrared spectroscopy. There is growing demand on a sensor for downsizing and current consumption reduction.
 A back-illuminated structure InGaAs array chip of 128 ch or 256 ch is adopted to the G13913 series, realizing both small size and low cost. Unlike a conventional 1D InGaAs image sensor mainly for a large size instrument, the new features of the G13913 series will make installation in a portable equipment possible.

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Comparison chart

Parameter NEW
Conventional type
Package(Dimensions) LCC package
(13.5 × 5.2 × 2.05 mm)
DIP package
(31.8 × 15.1 × 3.0 mm)
Spectral response range 0.95 ~ 1.7 0.95 ~ 1.7 μm
Number of pixels 256 256 pixels
Pixel size 25 × 250 25 × 500 μm
Supply voltage 3.3 5.0 V
Current consumption 20 50 mA
Readout noise 150 200 μVrms
Saturation voltage 2.2 2.8 V
Dark current ±1 ±0.5 pA
Main application Portable equipment Large analytical equipment -

Linup of InGaAs linear image sensors for spectrophotometry