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High resolution and high speed,
Newly added 8k pixels type to our line sensor series for industrial camera

CMOS linear image sensor S15778

For industrial cameras requiring high-speed line rates, we have added the 8k pixels type CMOS linear image sensor S15778, the first of our high-speed CMOS line sensor series to our lineup.

The S15778 has a high resolution with 8192 pixels and a pixel size of 7 × 7 µm, and realizes a readout speed of 100 klines/s, supporting high-speed scanning. The output is 10-bit/11-bit digital output. Wiring can be consolidated on the PCB board and signals can be extracted from the connector, making it easy to connect. In addition, a bypass capacitor has been mounted on the board.

The addition of the 8k pixels type S15778 to the high-speed series including the previous 4k pixels type S13774 and 2k pixels type S14772 has made it possible to support a wide range of industrial camera applications.


Main features

1) Pixel size: 7 × 7 µm、8192 pixels

2) High-speed readout: 100 klines/s

3) 3.3/1.8 V power supply operation

4) Built-in 10-bit/11-bit A/D converters


Type no. NEW S15778 S13774 S14772




Pixel pitch 7 µm 7 µm 14 µm
Pixel height 7 µm 7 µm 14 µm
Number of pixels 8192 4096 2048
Effective photosensitive area length 57.344 mm 28.672 mm 28.672 mm
Line rate* 100 klines/s max. 100 klines/s max. 125 klines/s max.
Package Glass epoxy and FeNiCo alloy Ceramic Ceramic
* 10-bit high-speed mode

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