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Laser fusion research

By irradiating a high energy laser pulse into a fuel capsule that contains deuterium, high temperature and high density plasma is created. As a result, fusion reactions occur. 0.6 grams of deuterium are contained in 20 liters of seawater. Therefore, fusion energy can be considered as sustainable energy resources. We have been developing key technologies such as high power laser generation, diagnostics using quantum beams, and new optical materials development, which are essential for laser fusion.


Development of high power lasers

High power lasers are expected as key enabling tools not only in the energy fields for laser fusion research but also in many kind fields such as industrial fields for material processing, medical fields for cancer therapy and academic fields for material science.
We will lead the world in the new markets of high power lasers.


Application of quantum beams

When a material is irradiated by high power laser, the various kinds of quanta such as electrons, ions and neutrons are induced due to light-matter interaction. They can be treated as a beam, and therefore these quantum beams are highly beneficial for industrial applications. For example, the advantage of neutrons with its high penetrating ability is useful for non-destructive inspection of infrastructure. We have been developing efficient quantum beam generation, as well as high-precision measurement using quantum beams.


Development of novel optical materials

Development of a novel and multifunctional materials provide a key to R&D of laser fusion, high power laser technologies, and applications using a quantum beam. We try to create a new fuel material with sophisticated structure for laser fusion, crystal and ceramic materials for high power laser development, a scintillator to efficiently detect photons from quantum beams, and other advanced materials as well.