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Health and medical care

Gamma-ray detection technology with high time resolution

We are doing intensive R&D work on radiation detectors that utilize Cherenkov light to ensure fast time response.

PET related technology

PET related technology

We are creating our own original PET systems that make maximum use of cutting-edge optical technology and are also conducting clinical research using new PET pharmaceuticals.

Creating PET probes intended to elucidate unknown biological functions

Applying our experience and technology accumulated over the years, we have succeeded in developing a PET probe to measure the brain’s mitochondrial function for the first time in the world.

Optical mammography with no breast pain and discomfort

Breast-friendly optical mammography

We are developing breast-friendly optical mammography system using near-infrared pulsed light with no breast compression and no exposure. And we are studying on determination of chemotherapeutic effect for breast cancer patients by this optical mammography equipment.