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Protecting Our Water Resources

HPK recognizes the importance of water resources and is dedicated to reducing its use, as well as recycling the water it does use. In addition to its water conservation activities within the company, HPK is reducing waste water though the introduction of pure water recycling. We also reuse waste water from pure water production for spraying on the grounds and rooftop scrubber feed water. For example, the dicing water recycling system introduced at Shingai factory has a water reuse rate of 99.5%, and we were able to reduce 1,400 tons of water annually.

We also participate and respond to CDP Water, an international project in which many companies around the world disclose information on water. We regularly evaluate water risks at domestic and overseas production sites, recognize water problems and set their targets.

Protecting Our Water Resources


In order to conserve local groundwater, we participate in groundwater recharge projects and forest conservation work, which are regularly held jointly with Iwata City and the groundwater use council in the surrounding area. It is a project to keep the amount of groundwater recharged by promoting sustainable forest and to have rich water in the future generations.



(photo courtesy of Iwata City)