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Appropriate Management of Chemicals

Chemical substances cause environmental pollution and may affect human health and ecology. HPK confirms the released/transferred amount of chemical substances into atmosphere, public bodies of water and to outside of place of business concerned as a waste. We make effort to reduce risks from both the "environment" and "safety and sanitation" handling of chemical substances by collecting SDS compliant with the latest laws and regulations and building our internal company database

Handling of Chemicals Subject to the Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (PRTR※1) Law

In fiscal year 2017, under the PRTR Law,1 we used 13.1 tons of substances designated as Class 1 Chemical Substances. In 2017, we reported the use of two substances at our Main Factory (2-aminoethanol and hydrogen fluoride and its water-soluble salts).

※1 PRTR Law: A law regarding the promotion of precise knowledge of emissions of designated substances into the environment and management improvements based on that knowledge


Promotion of SDS (Safety Data Sheet) Collection

As stipulated in the Industrial Safety and Health Law, SDSs are essential for assuring the safety of workers who handle chemical materials and for reducing the risks of these chemicals to the environment. We are promoting risk assessment of chemical substances and reducing risks in the workplace by promoting the collection of thelatest SDSs, putting those SDSs in our internal company database, and disclosing and using them throughout the company.



Appropriate Management of PCB

PCB is a chemical substance that is at risk of harming human health and the environment. Due to its very persistent, very bio-accumulation, and long-distance movement on atmosphere and mobile organisms, it may cause environmental pollution in future. In accordance with the "Law Concerning Special Measures Concerning Promotion of Proper Disposal of PCB Waste" established in 2001, we properly store PCBs from leaking and proceed to dispose of them.

Reducing VOC (Volatile Organic Chemicals) Emissions

We are working to reduce emissions of VOCs into the atmosphere by reducing our use of VOCs. In 2016, we worked toward maintaining a 30% reduction in atmospheric emissions compared to year 2000. We achieved a 61.1% reduction in atmospheric emissions and a recovery rate of 64.9% .


Checks for Chemical Handling Condition

The Chemicals Working Groups manage checks on chemical storage facilities and workplaces that handle chemical substances. When probrems are found, we would discuss them, think about sollutions, and share that information under the Headquaters Chemicals Working Group.