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Participation in Fun to Share campaign

HPK has participated the climate change campaign “Fun to Share”. Launched by the Ministry of the Environment, this campaign aims to create a low carbon society. Every employee participates in this activity. Our Fun to Share declaration is posted at the campaign’s website.

Fan to Share

≪HPK Fun to Share declaration≫

HPK carries out the following activities to create a low carbon society.

  1. Environmental friendly production
    We will apply photonics technology to promote the sales of environmentally friendly products and environmentally beneficial products.
  2. Environmental impact reduction in business activities
    We will continue our efforts in energy conservation, preventing global warming, 3R (reduce, reuse,recycle) activities, and appropriate management of chemical substances.
  3. Participation in local green activities
    Our employees and their family members will participate in environmental conservation activities with local communities.

Participation in “Fun to Share Campaign” Activities

HPK is participating in this movement by participating in several energy saving campaigns (COOLBIZ , WARMBIZ, Light down campaign).


Energy saving poster


Light down campaign