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Promoting Community and Employee Communication through Ecological Activities

To raise the importance of the environment and promote greening to the local area, we have been planting trees in neighboring. HPK has many local cleanup activities and many employees are actively participating.

Clean-up activities in line with the Biodiversity Hamamatsu Strategy

As an effort to conserve biodiversity, we support the Biodiversity Hamamatsu Strategy by participating in conservation activities in areas around our businesses and the local municipalities and prefectures. We participated in the “Lake Hamana Cleanup Campaign” and “Welkame Cleanup Campaign” to protect local biodiversity and to pass on bountiful nature to our future generations. In fiscal year 2017, we had 540 employees participate in cleanup activities, a total of 16 times. Additionally, we are planting an acorn to make a forest on the company premises. We also participated in the tree planting in Tsunami mitigation forest.







Happy Memorial Trees and Tree Planting on Company Grounds

As part of our biodiversity conservation activities, we donated “Happy Memorial Trees” to employees who have built a new home, recently married, or had their children enter primary school. As of September 30, 2017, a total of 676 people have applied to participate in this activity. Of all the applicants, 301 built new homes, 194 were married, and 181 had their children enter primary school. So far, a total of 522 applicants received their trees. Many commemorative photos of themselves with the tree were offered by those employees. To beautify and maintain the environment, each division continues to make the company grounds greener and utilize Green Curtains in summer.