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Developing Environmentally Contributing and Friendly Products(2016)

As a means of making our products more environmentally friendly, we are working to promote the sale of products that use less resources and power and with longer service life. Below are a few examples of products we have developed in this fisal year.


The A13658 is a polychromator designed for linear multi-anode photomultiplier tubes for high-sensitivity/high-speed multi-channel spectrum measurement.

By reworking its structure, its diffraction efficiency has been improved from 50% to 70% at peak wavelength, its volume reduced by more than half, and its weight diminished by 22% compared with our previous product, for a compact and lightweight design.



InGaAs Area Image Sensor

The G12242-0707W is an image sensor which can detect near infrared rays invisible to the human eye and convert the weak light into images. Infrared cameras equipped with this sensor are used for various application, such as plastic recycling screening, etc.

Improvement of the CMOS process has resulted in pixel size reduction from 50 μm to 20 μm pitch without compromising circuit functions, allowing the realization of a sensor that has the same number of pixel but is smaller and lighter than our previous product.



InGaAs Area Image Sensor


The S210/C13239-01 is a virtual slide scanner for pathology applications that can automatically scan up to 210 glass slides and convert them to high-resolution digital data.

Through the adoption of an LED light source and CMOS sensor, a smaller and lighter design was achieved along with a reduction in power consumption of more than 50 % compared with our previous product.

NanoZoomer  ,事例


CW Quantum Cascade Laser

A window for quantum cascade laser, which is a mid-infrared laser, have to use material that lets infrared through.

Our previous product used a zinc selenide (ZnSe) window that included a selenium compound. This was replaced with a window made of germanium owing to environmental considerations.


CW Quantum Cascade Laser