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Reducing Waste Levels to Zero

We have been promoting 3Rs(Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) and managing wastes properly to reduce their negative impact on the environment and use resources efficiently.

Zero Emission

The idea of zero emission means we should strive for a society with no waste through resource conservation and waste reduction in production activities, and by recycling the waste that is unavoidably generated. We redefined this idea as having a landfill rate1 of 3 % or less for all wastes, considering “The Target for Establishing Recycling-based Society in Shizuoka Prefecture”.

Output and Landfill rate

Output and Landfill rate

※1 Landfill rate shows a ratio of Output to the amount of land filed wastes.

※2 The amount of recycling is the total amount of material and thermal recycling added to the amount of valuable materials.

Making Sure of Proper Disposal

We make sure of proper disposal through inspections at our contracted waste disposal facilities. Our activities including this were awarded the Shizuoka Governor Prize for promoting the proper disposal of industrial waste in 2016. And in 2017, the Shizuoka Industrial Association hosted this meeting at our Toyooka Factory. The participants working for companies in Shizuoka Pref. observed our waste storage and wastewater facility, and then exchanged their views regarding waste management problems. The feedback received from this meeting was that it was very informative especially in our way of informing our employees of proper waste managements.


Documents review at inspections of waste disposal facilities


On-site inspections of waste disposal facilities

静岡県知事褒賞 表彰式

Award ceremony of Shizuoka Governor Prize in Waste Management


The meeting at Toyooka Factory

Promoting 3Rs

In promoting the 3Rs, we have joined the 3Rs Campaign of Industrial Waste. This is lead by Shizuoka Pref. This governmental target is to reduce the landfill rate to 1.8% or less. As a corporate citizen of Shizuoka, we enthusiastically support this initiative.

We encourage our employees to separate wastes according to its type, and also to value 3Rs in their private life. In fiscal year 2017, we launched a website called “Encouragement of 3Rs” on our intranet.


Certificate of participation in the industrial –waste 3Rs campaign


Database of wastes classification


Encouragement of 3Rs

Using Electronic Management System

 To make waste management operations efficient, we adopt electronic management system for industrial wastes called as “Electronic Manifest System” in Japan.