Relationship with shareholders

Policy on dialogue with shareholders

We at Hamamatsu Photonics hope that our shareholders will understand the business in which we are engaged and the directions we are taking and hold our shares over the long term. We recognize the importance of enhancing our corporate value by cultivating shareholder understanding through dialogue. To facilitate constructive dialogue, the Company has adopted the following policies.


  1. We appoint directors or executive officers to supervise constructive dialogue with shareholders. The Company’s directors or executive officers and other executives in charge respond to shareholders through interviews and other formats.
  2. Multiple departments led by the Corporate Communication Department cooperate to manage the Company’s investor relations (IR) .
  3. The Company holds financial-results briefings for interim and full-year financial results and conducts individual interviews and small meetings for the quarterly financial-results briefings. We also hold briefings for individual investors and company tours on an occasional basis.
  4. Opinions received through dialogue are reported to the President and other management members as appropriate.
  5. In conducting IR activities, the Company takes due care to safeguard insider information. The period from the day following each quarter's closing date to the announcement date of the quarter’s financial results is defined as a silent period.

【Officers in charge of IR】

Kazuhiko Mori (Director, Senior Executive Officer and Chief of Finance and Accounting General Headquarters)
Shuichi Osada(Exective Officer and Deputy Chief of Administration General Headquarters)

Ensuring shareholder equality

We treat all shareholders equally in accordance with their equity interests and disclose information in a timely and appropriate manner to prevent information disparity among shareholders.

Basic policy on cross-shareholdings

Our policy regarding cross-shareholdings is to hold them to a minimum. Hamamatsu Photonics participates in cross shareholdings only when it considers, based on timely and appropriate judgement of business benefits and risks, that such cross-shareholdings contribute to the Company’s sustainable growth and the medium- to long-term enhancement of its corporate value.

The Board of Directors examines the medium- to long-term economic rationality and future prospects of major cross shareholdings and discusses the significance and rationality of said shareholdings.

Basic policy on exercise of voting rights

The exercise of voting rights in cross-shareholdings is conducted based on judgment as to whether doing so contributes to the benefit of the cross-shareholding companies, including enhancement of their corporate value and benefits to shareholders, after due deliberation upon the other company’s management policy and strategy and the agenda to be resolved.