Supply chain

Basic policy

Today’s corporations need to promote CSR activities, and to manage and reduce sustainability risks, not only on a company- or group-wide basis, but also throughout their entire supply chain. To this end, we have prepared the Hamamatsu Photonics Supply Chain CSR Promotion Guidebook. This Guidebook serves as a reference for our suppliers, enabling them to understand our Fundamental CSR Policy and promote CSR activities.


As part of its CSR activities, the Company has also formulated a business continuity plan (BCP). We believe the formulation and promotion of a BCP is vital to the fulfillment of our responsibility to supply products to society.

To ascertain the status of CSR and BCP compliance at our suppliers, we conduct a questionnaire survey of suppliers on the current status of their activities on these two points.

Supply chain CSR promotion guidebook (Japanese)

We have prepared the Hamamatsu Photonics Supply Chain CSR Promotion Guidebook in accordance with the Supply Chain CSR Promotion Guidebook. The latter guidebook is prepared and published by the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA), a general incorporated association of which the Company is a member. Our guidebook covers all of the essential requirements for promotion of CSR.


  1. Human rights and labor
  2. Health and safety
  3. The environment
  4. Fair trade and ethics
  5. Quality and safety
  6. Information security
  7. Social contribution
  8. Promotion of CSR

CSR and BCP questionnaires


The check sheet prepared based on the JEITA Supply Chain CSR Promotion Guidebook has quite a large volume of 50 pages. To alleviate the burden on our suppliers of filling out this form, we have prepared our own brief-version questionnaire. In accordance with the items in our Hamamatsu Photonics Supply Chain CSR Promotion Guidebook, suppliers are asked to fill out a questionnaire on the progress of their efforts to promote CSR. Each of the 43 questions in the questionnaire can be answered by choosing one of the following five grade options.

  1. We have established a specific protocol for this item, based on manuals or the like.
  2. We have established a specific policy for this time based on official writings other than manuals, etc.
  3. We are promoting this item as company policy, though without any official writings.
  4. We will promote this item as after a specific policy is established.
  5. We will not promote this item as a company’s policy in the future.



To check whether suppliers have formulated BCPs for earthquakes, suppliers are asked to respond to a total of 30 questions, grouped into the categories below, in the form of ○ (Yes) or × (No). Though this questionnaire is simplified to reduce the burden on our suppliers, it provides valuable insight into the status of BCPs at our suppliers.


  1. People (personnel required, safety verification, after-hours response, requests for support, awareness of employees)
  2. Goods (buildings, infrastructure, communication means, production facilities, raw materials suppliers, stored goods, logistics, stockpiles)
  3. Information (systems, data, anti-earthquake measures, backups, preparation of recovery procedures)
  4. Establishment of emergency systems and early production recovery (emergency headquarters, early recovery, manuals, organizations, division of roles)

Use of supply chain CSR promotion guidebook

In September 2011, Hamamatsu Photonics began discussing the publication of a guidebook for CSR promotion. In June 2012, we created the guidebook and decided to use questionnaires to monitor the progress of CSR promotion by our suppliers. In July 2013, we sent the guidebooks to our suppliers for the first time. The second delivery was in July 2019, when six years had passed since the first delivery. This was due to having prepared the first questionnaire in Excel format, which required us a considerable amount of time and labor to tally the results. To ease this burden, the Company considered developing a Web-based questionnaire, but it took a great deal of time to launch a practical online version. The Company plans to deliver the third and subsequent versions for conduct of questionnaire surveys every two years. For new suppliers, we send the guidebooks and conduct the questionnaire as suppliers are newly registered.

Target suppliers

Targets for the July 2019 CSR questionnaire: Hamamatsu Photonics sent the questionnaire to 1,755 companies from which the Company had purchased within the previous one-year period. The response rate was 94%.