Supply chain

Basic policy

Today's corporations need to promote corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities and to manage and reduce sustainability risks, not only within their own companies or groups, but also throughout their entire supply chain. To this end, we have prepared the "Hamamatsu Photonics Guidelines for Business Conduct in Supply Chains" to help our suppliers understand our Basic CSR policy and promote CSR activities. 

As part of our CSR activities, we have also formulated a business continuity plan (BCP). We believe that formulating and promoting activities for the BCP is essential in fulfilling our responsibility to supply products to society.

We are conducting questionnaire surveys to find out the current status of our suppliers in promoting these two issues (CSR and BCP).


In addition, the "Basic Business Agreement" we sign with new suppliers at the start of our business states that we will comply with require measures such as legal compliance, respect for human rights, and environmental protection, and so on.

Supply chain CSR Guidelines for Business Conduct

We have prepared the "Hamamatsu Photonics Guidelines for Business Conduct in Supply Chaines" in conformance with the "Responsible Business Conduct Guidelines" formulated and published by the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA) which our company is involved.


Part I. Code of conduct

1. Respecting the Laws and Internationally Recognized Standards

2. Human rights and labor

3. Health and safety

4. Environment

5. Fair trading and ethics

6. Quality and safety

7. Information security

8. Business continuity plan

9. Other


Part 2: Establishment of management system

A. Establishing a management system

B. Supplier management

C. Proper import and export control

D. Establishing a grievance mechanism

E. Disclosing the activities

We review the guidelines on a regular basis to keep them up-to-date with current conditions.

When any change is made to the guidelines, we contact our suppliers and make them aware of the change.

We conduct annual CSR questionnaires of our suppliers to check their compliance with the guidelines.

We also send the guidelines to new suppliers and conduct CSR questionnaires as needed.

CSR and BCP questionnaires


We have prepared an online CSR questionnaire based on the check sheet in the JEITA "Responsible Business Conduct Guidelines." Please answer this CSR questionnaire to check how well you (suppliers) have promoted CSR activities in conformance with the items in our "Hamamatsu Photonics Guidelines for Business Conduct in Supply Chains".


The BCP questionnaire is prepared to check whether you (suppliers) have implemented BCP measures focused specifically on earthquakes. It consists of the following major categories with a total of 30 questions that can be answered by Yes or No. This BCP questionnaire is simplified to help you answer the questions easily yet allows us to check how you are handling this matter.


1. People (staff required, safety confirmation, after-hours response, support requests, employee awareness)

2. Goods (buildings, infrastructure, communication means, production facilities, raw material suppliers, storage items, logistics, stockpiles)

3. Information (systems, data, earthquake resistance measures, backups, recovery procedures)

4. Emergency system maintenance and early production recovery (emergency headquarters, early recovery, manuals, organizations, role sharing)

<Target suppliers>
We conduct CSR and BCP questionnaires of suppliers from which we have made purchases during the most recent one-year period.

In July 2021, we conducted CSR surveys by sending the questionnaires to 1,849 suppliers and received responses from 1,725 of them (93% response rate).


Reporting system

We practice CSR procurement in accordance with our basic CSR policy. As part of these efforts, we have set up a contact point (reporting desk) for our suppliers.


Please contact us if you are aware of or have questions about misconduct or legal violations, ethical violations or similar conduct which may involve our business or employees.