X-ray TDI camera


Using the TDI technology and our newly developed method with high sensitivity, C15400-30-50A enables you to obtain high-contrast images in inspecting those materials even with low energy X-ray. With this device, for thin objects such as light element/lightweight materials (ex. CFRP) and other sheet materials, inspections of thickness, dents, streaks, and uneven bonding, which have been difficult until now, have now become possible.


  • Line speed: 153.8 m/min
  • Number of pixels: 2048(H) pixels × 128(V) pixels + 2048(H) pixels × 128(V) pixels
  • Detection width: 290 mm
  • Pixel size: 146.5 μm × 146.5 μm
  • Dual energy detection supported

In-line film thickness imaging using X-rays

Conventional film thickness measurement methods using visible light can measure resin films and others, which transmit visible light, but cannot measure the thickness of objects such as metal films, which do not transmit light.

By using X-ray imaging, it is possible to measure the uneven thickness of materials such as resin films as well as metal films such as Cu, AI, Ni, and Fe that cannot transmit visible light, thereby expanding the range of inspection targets.

c15400-30-50A thickness inline measurement imaging with Xray

Copper foils with thicknesses of 2 μm, 4 μm, 6 μm, and 8 μm are imaged. The uneven thickness can be measured.

Full surface inspection using a line sensor camera

In uneven-thickness measurement using the conventional point sensor, measurement omission occurs inevitably, but in measurement using the line sensor camera, which captures the object as an area, not a point, the omission does not occur. This improves inspection accuracy and can be expected to provide highly accurate feedback to the manufacturing process.

c15400-30-50A Entire inspection using line sensor camera

Application examples

Lightweight parts inspection (Voids in CFRP)

c15400-30-50A sample image

You can inspect uneven coating and voids in the adhesive that occur when bonding lightweight parts.

Sheet inspection (Dents, streaks)

c15400-30-50A sample image

Dents and streaks on aluminum sheets can be inspected.

Security inspection (Inside the envelope)

c15400-30-50A sample image

Paper currency enclosed in a thin package can be inspected with good contrast.

The reason why the X-ray TDI camera C15400 can inspect an uneven thickness of thin objects and light element materials

A new method enables low-energy X-ray imaging.

In the conventional in-line X-ray imaging technology, insufficient contrast has been a problem when imaging thin objects that easily transmit X-rays, or objects composed of light element materials such as resin.

The C15400 uses a new method that is highly sensitive to low-energy X-rays in its internal structure, enabling in-line visualization of slight uneven thickness in objects, which could not be contrasted with previous models.

c15400-30-50A why possible to measurement thin-objects

Customization support

In order to fully exploit the performance of the C15400-30-50A, we can flexibly customize it to meet your needs, such as developing products with different detection widths and resolutions, downsizing, and selling it as a module to meet your application and operating environment.

c15400-30-50A customize


Type number C15400-30-50A
Scintillator GOS/GOS
Effective X-ray tube voltage range Approx. 25 kV to 110 kV
Detection width 290 mm
Number of pixels 2048(H) pixels × 128(V) pixels + 2048(H) pixels × 128(V) pixels
Line speed 1.758 m/min to 153.8 m/min
TDI line rate 1×1: Max. 17.5 kHz (153.8 m/min)
binning 2×2: Max. 17.0 kHz (298.8 m/min)
A/D converter 12 bit
External control interface Base Configuration (Camera Link)
Output signals (Image data) 12 bit digital output
Pixel clock 40.0 MHz (Camera Link)
Power supply DC+24 V
Power consumption Approx. 45 VA


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