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Applied products of semiconductor laser

Laser thermal processing | Applied products of semiconductor lasers


What is laser thermal processing?


The target object must absorb laser light to be heated by laser light. This is because the laser light is conveted to heat when the laser light is absrobed by the target object and the irradiated area is heated up. If laser light is reflected by target object or pass through it, the laser ligtht is not converted to heat, so that the target object can not be heated up.
Heating by laser is an ideal technology since it can heat target object with required amount of heat when needed in a non-contact manner.

Advantges of laser heating

Application examples

Plastic welding




Waterproof seal (adhesive tape activation)


Thermal curing of adhesive


Glass sealing


Curing of thermosetting ink, sintering of metal nano-ink


Comparison of various kinds of processing laser

Semiconductor laser is extremely stable during continuous irradiation. Another feature is it is hard to break due to its simple structure. The input current determines the laser output power, so that semiconductor laser has a good time response and warming up is not required. Semiconductor laser which can be operated easier than other lasers has an advantage as a light source for laser thermal processing. Semiconductor laser is ideal for applications which don't require high power and smaller beam such as a plastic welding.

  Semiconductor laser YAG laser (LD-pumped) Fiber laser CO2 laser
Wavelength 0.8 μm to 1.0 μm 1.06 μm 1.06 μm 10.6 μm
Output power up to 10 kW up to 10 kW up to 100 kW up to 60 kW
Conversion efficiency 40 % 20 % 30 % 20 %
Structure Simple
Complex Complex
Focusing ability

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