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Applied products of semiconductor laser

Metal nano-ink sintering | Applied products of semiconductor lasers


Metal nano-ink is a promising material for applications in the printed electronics field. Metallic particles with a size less than 100 nm are called as nanoparticles. One of the features is a significant decrease in melting point. Once the metal nanoparticle is irradiated by infrared laser, the infrared laser is absorped by a phenomenon called plasmon and the metal nanopartocle is heated. So, the metal nano-ink can be sintered by laser.

Advantages of laser sintering

Application for printed electronics

Heating furnace which is the conventional method has problems of longer sintering time and huge heat effect to the substrate. On the other hand, laser sintering can raise the temperature at high speed, so that not only high speed sintering is possible. but also, in case the plastic substrate is used, the heat effect to the substrate can be decreased because the plastic substrate does not absorb laser.

Expected applications

Printed electronics

Movie example

Laser sintering of metal nano-ink

・Stable and highly reliable sintering
・No need of warm-up that conventional methods require

*Sample courtesy: C-INK Co., Ltd.

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