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Welding | Direct diode lasers (DDL)


Laser welding makes it easy to adjust the heating area and amount of heat. Therefore, various processing shapes are available, which is an advantageous method for process reduction. Laser welding using DDL is non-contact heating that needs no consumable parts or materials such as welding electrode rods normally required for electric welding and in this way helps to reduce operating costs.
In addition, stable welding conditions can be maintained without being affected by magnetic fields.

Advantages of laser welding using DDL

High-quality welding

Focused beam pattern and profiles(example)

・DDL (top-hat beam shape)


・Fiber output laser (gaussian beam shape)


Thermal image during welding

・DDL (thermal conduction type)

・Fiber output laser (keyhole type)

Comparing the keyhole type with thermal conductivity type

  Thermal conductivity type Keyhole type (deep penetration type)
Typical lasers DDL COlaser, fiber laser, fiber output laser etc.
Spatter Few Many
Bead width Wide Narrow
Blowhole Few Many
Gap tolerance Wide Narrow
Aluminum welding
Suitable welding Welding that requires wide bead width and welding of thin plates Deep penetration welding

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