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Connection examples

Connection examples

  1. DFB-CW QCL (L12004, L12005, L12006, L12007 series)
  2. TEC temperature controller C11330-01
  3. Forced air cooling HHL mount A11709-01 or water cooling HHL mount A11709-02
  4. Aspheric ZnSe lens A11331-02 and/or lens unit A11331-02H (*1)
  5. Cable A11134-04
  6. Laser power supply (Use DC power supply designed for CW semiconductor laser available in market.)
  7. Cable A11134-05
  8. Heatseeker A10767

(*1) Select suitable lens based on the emission wavelength of the QCL to use.


(*2) The photo is HHL mount C11709-01 mounting a HHL packaged QCL and an aspheric ZnSe lens unit A11331-0xH.
(*3) One end of the cable for CW semiconductor laser that connects to the DC power supply is unterminated and so should be properly terminated by the user.
(*4) Connect to the cooling fan 2-pin red/black cord of the A11709-01.
· Products shown in photos are Hamamatsu products. Product names and part numbers are written in red.
· Prepare additional devices and cables separately.


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