Extraordinary portability makes it possible to make simple yet high accuracy tests and evaluations nearly anywhere. The EX-mini designed for R&D work offers the same performance as the EX-400 & EX-86U excimer lamp sources made for in-line operation, so you can put evaluation results from the EX-mini to use right away for in-line operation tasks.


  1. All-in-one light source built into the irradiation box
  2. Small enough to carry around with you
  3. Uniformly irradiates a large area
  4. Ozone decomposition unit E12685 (sold separately) for handy indoor exhaust (no exhaust ducts needed)
  5. High safety design via interlocks and error signals, etc.
  6. Irradiation time can be set as needed
  7. Operates on AC100 V to AC240 V power source
  8. Instantaneous lamp ON / OFF operation

Control items

Panel control

  • Manual irradiation / auto irradiation switching
  • Lamp ON / OFF
  • Total lamp ON time display and reset
  • Irradiation time duration setting
  • Setting irradiation time display
  • Irradiation signal
  • Various error signals, life warning siganal

External control

  • Manual irradiation / auto irradiation switching
  • Lamp ON / OFF
  • Irradiation signal
  • Various error signals


Parameter Description / Value Unit
Emission wavelength 172 nm
Irradiance *1 Typ. 65 mW/cm2
Irradiation area size (W×H) 86 x 40 mm
Lamp design life *2 2000 h
Input voltage (AC) 100 to 240 V
Power consumption 150 or less VA
Cooling method Forced air cooling by fan or duct -
Duct suction air flow rate *3*4 0.25 to 0.35 m3/min
Operating / storage temperature range +5 to +35 / -25 to +55
Operating / storage humidity range 10 to 80 / below 80 (no condensation) %
Control method Panel control / external control -
Weight 6.5 kg
Applicable standards EMC standard IEC61326-1: 2013 Group 2 Class A -
Safety standards IEC61010-1: 2010
IEC62471: 2008 Risk Group 2
Environmental standards RoHS directive
WEEE directive

*1: Value calculated on the assumption that the irradiance is measured with a Hamamatsu UV power meter C9536/H9535-172 placed in the immediate vicinity of the lamp.
*2: When replacing the lamp, please specify the lamp type No. L12681.
*3: Suction air flow rate of cooling and ozone exhaust air ducts.
*4: Prepare exhaust duct or use our ozone decomposition unit E12685 (option) that does not exhaust duct.

Dimensional outlines (Unit: mm)

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