NMOS multichannel detector head


UV to near infrared range (200 to 1000 nm), For multichannel spectrophotometry

The C5964-0901 is a family of multichannel detectors developed for spectrophotometry in the UV to near infrared range (up to 1000 nm). The C5964-0901 device incorporates a thermoelectrically-cooled NMOS linear image sensor (S8382 series), low noise driver/amplifier circuit and highly stable temperature control circuit. It also operates from simple external signal inputs. The image sensor is cooled to a preset temperature (Ts=0 ℃) as soon as the power is turned on. Should the cooler fail and the device overheat, the built-in protection circuit automatically shut off the power. The housing is designed for compactness, yet offers good heart dissipation. Furthermore, mounting holes are provided on the front panel of the housing, permitting easy connection to a monochromator or other instruments

-Designed for use with a thermoelectrically-cooled NMOS linear image sensors
-Built-in driver/amplifier and temperature control circuits
-Highly stable temperature contro
-Operates from simple signal inputs
-High sensitivity and wide dynamic range

Output Analog
Suitable sensor S8382-512S
Built in sensor

Spectral response

Dimensional outline (unit: mm)

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