CCD multichannel detector head


Detector head for front-illuminated CCD area image sensors (S9972 series), non-cooled type


The C7020-02 is a high sensitivity multichannel detector head intended for use with front-illuminated CCD area image sensors (S9972 series). The C7020-02 contains a low-noise driver circuit that operates on input of simple external signals. Mounting holes are provided on the front panel for attaching to other devices such as spectrometers.
As an option, HAMAMATSU also provides the C7557-01 controller for multichannel detector heads. Using the dedicated software for the C7557-01 allows easy control and data acquisition of a multichannel detector head from a PC.

-Line binning operation/area scanning operation
-Driver circuit for low noise CCD operation
-Simple signal input operation
-Compact configuration


Output Analog
Suitable sensor 9972-1007, S9972-1008
Image sensor sold separately

Dimensional outline (unit: mm)

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