CCD multichannel detector head


Detector head for back-thinned CCD area image sensor (S7171-0909), cooled type


C7181 is a high-sensitivity multichannel detector head designed for back-thinned CCD area image sensor (S7171-0909). C7181 works with one-stage thermoelectrically cooled type (S7171-0909). C7181 has a low noise driver/amplifier circuit that operates the CCD image sensor by input of simple external signals. C7181 also includes a highly stable temperature controller that cools the sensor to a preset temperature level (Ts= -10 ℃) as soon as the power is turned on. If the cooler fails and causes internal circuitry to overheat, the built-in protection circuit automatically turns off the power. Despite its compact size, the housing configuration is designed for good heat dissipation, and threaded mounting holes on the front panel allow connections to other devices such as monochrometers. The controller for multichannel detector head C7557 is also available. The software supplied with the C7557 allows easy control of the multichannel detector head and data acquisition.

-Choice of line binning operation/area scanning operation
-Built-in driver circuit
-Highly stable temperature controller/ Cooling temperature: fixed at Ts= -10 ± 0.05 ℃
-Operates with simple input signals
-High UV sensitivity and high quantum efficiency
-Compact configuration


Output Analog
Suitable sensor S7171-0909-01
Image sensor sold separately

Dimensional outline (unit: mm)

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