MPPC evaluation circuit


Simple evaluation driver circuit for non-cooled MPPC

The C14488 is a driver circuit for simple evaluation of a non-cooled MPPC and the power supply C14156 for MPPC. MPPC evaluation is possible by mounting MPPC on the socket of the sensor board. The PZC (pole-zero cancellation) circuit is built-in to reduce the falling edge decay time of MPPC. The power supply board is equipped with the power supply C14156 for MPPC to supply the operating voltage to MPPC, and operates by supplying only the power supply (±5 V) from an external source. The MPPC supply voltage and temperature coefficient can be changed by external control signals.


-Enables evaluation of non-cooled MPPC
-Sensor board with a socket for mounting MPPC with leads
-Connection possible to MPPC with flexible cable
-Equipped with power supply C14156 for MPPC with temperature compensation function
-Changeable MPPC supply voltage and temperature coefficient by external control signals
-Selectable amplifier usage (default setting: used)
-Selectable load resistance 50 Ω or 1 kΩ
-Built-in PZC circuit (default: set to PZC constant in accordance with S13360-3050CS)
-Analog output
Note: MPPC is sold separately.

Cooling Non-cooled
Measurement condition Ta=25 ℃

Dimensional outline (unit: mm)

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