Contribution to POCT | Micro PMTs

What is POCT?

POCT (Point of Care Testing) is medical diagnostic testing performed in a place familiar to the subject or patient such as their bedside or home. POCT contributes to prompt and appropriate diagnosis, nursing, disease prevention, and health promotion yet also reduces the burden on subjects to help improve their QOL (Quality of Life).

Role of medical facilities

Medical treatment facilities are broadly grouped into hospitals and clinics by law depending on their roles. The reasons behind this are the increase in the number of patients and the lack of doctors due to an aging population and a declining birthrate.
lack of doctors due to an aging population and a declining birthrate. If many mildly ill people visit hospitals instead of clinics, then hospitals will no longer be able to offer the high-level medical care that they should normally provide.

Large hospitals

  • Treatment of relatively serious illness
  • Treatment of patients who require hospitalization or specialized treatment


  • Medical treatment for relatively mild diseases
  • Refer patients to a suitable hospital when the need for specialized treatment is recognized


  • Doctor's guidance and routine medical checks based on daily medical examinations
  • Routine health care to prevent disease

Detectors contributing to POCT

Hamamatsu Photonics develops and produces a wide range of compact devices that contribute to the widespread use of POCT equipment.
Among these, the micro PMT is a detector having three major elements required for detectors used in POCT equipment. These three elements are low cost and mass productioncompactness and light weight and high performance. Hamamatsu Photonics will contribute to the spread of ever more advanced medical equipment by the continuous improvement of detectors installed to serve as the core of POCT equipment.

Elements required for detectors

Low cost and mass production support

Quantity and cost affordable for community and clinics

Compactness and light weight

Size and weight for portable use

High reliability

Performance that ensures accurate testing even from a small sample amount no matter who operates the testing device

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