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This video gives a brief introduction to micro PMT features and applications.

Photomultiplier tubes that can be mass-produced

The Micro PMT is an innovative photomultiplier tube that can be produced in high volume by combining four advanced technologies. Normally, manufacturing a photomultiplier tube requires many components and processes, but with the micro PMT we have succeeded in greatly simplifying the processes and components involved by applying semiconductor manufacturing technology.
A micro PMT has a three-layer structure consisting of one silicon substrate sandwiched between two glass substrates. The dynode structure is fabricated by using MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) technology which drastically reduces the manual fabrication process.
The micro PMT also utilizes the same operating principle as that of conventional photomultiplier tubes and so can deliver the same high sensitivity provided by ordinary photomultiplier tubes.

Semiconductor manufacturing technology

By harnessing MEMS and silicon deep etching technologies, we have succeeded in fabricating tiny electrodes optimized for photomultiplier tubes.

Electron trajectory design technology

Through our unique technology for simulating and visualizing the trajectories of electrons moving in a vacuum, we have achieved both high electron collection efficiency and high gain (electron multiplication).

Thin film deposition technology

We have created our own in-house process design for vacuum tube production and succeeded in making photocathode thin film depositions achieving characteristics equivalent to those of conventional photomultiplier tubes.

Vacuum sealing and packaging technology

Our micro PMT delivers characteristics equivalent to those of conventional photomultiplier tubes by applying vacuum sealing and packaging technology we have fostered over many years.

The world’s smallest finger-tip photomultiplier tubes

The Micro PMT is the world’s smallest, thinnest and lightest photomultiplier tube. It measures only 10 mm wide by 11 mm deep by 2 mm thick*. Despite this tiny size, the micro PMT offers detection ability equivalent to ordinary photomultiplier tubes and so helps downsize high-performance equipment that utilizes high sensitivity detectors.

* Size as a vacuum tube before being encapsulated into a package.


Structure and multiplication principle

This video introduces the micro PMT structure and multiplication principle.

Multiplication principle (top view)

Multiplication principle (cross sectional view)

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