Applications | OPAL-Luxe High dynamic range spectrometer

High sensitivity, high wavelength resolution, and minimal stray light to maximize the ultra-high dynamic range

The OPAL-Luxe has not only an ultra-high dynamic range, but also excellent performance in terms of sensitivity and accuracy. In the spectrometer, a bright optical system with an F value of 2.2 is used to achieve both brightness and wavelength resolution. Stray light characteristics are also taken into consideration to the maximum extent possible, enabling the detection of signals that could not be measured before.

1. Thin film thickness measurement

The graph on the left shows the results of measuring the reflectance of an ultra-thin film of 10 nm or less in thickness with the OPAL-Luxe. The OPAL-Luxe can measure the difference in reflectance due to the difference in thickness of a few nm, and the film thickness value can be calculated from this waveform. The graph on the right compares film thickness values measured with the OPAL-Luxe and our conventional model (PMA-12) with those of an ellipsometer that is capable of high-precision film thickness measurement. The OPAL-Luxe has achieved measurement results with a small difference from the ellipsometer one and with no variation.

2. Photoluminescence measurement of gallium nitride

This is an example of photoluminescence measurement of a compound semiconductor gallium nitride excited by a helium-cadmium laser (wavelength: 325 nm). The OPAL-Luxe were able to successfully measure band edge emission and fluorescence spectra with high S/N that could not be detected by our conventional model (PMA-12).

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