Features | OPAL-Luxe High dynamic range spectrometer

Ultra-high dynamic range of 2 500 000:1

The ultra-high dynamic range performance of the OPAL-Luxe allows simultaneous measurement of strong and very weak signals over a wide wavelength range of 200 nm to 900 nm. This is particularly effective in cases where matching the measurement conditions to the weak signal saturates the strong signal, making it difficult to obtain correct data. The high dynamic range is also extremely useful in applications where very large absorption quantities must be accurately evaluated.

1. Laser measurement

With conventional spectrometers, it is difficult to simultaneously measure weak light at other wavelengths when measuring intense light such as laser light because the detector is saturated by the strong laser signal when the exposure time is prolonged. So it is necessary to cut the laser light with a filter or the like. The OPAL-Luxe provides high signal-to-noise measurement even with weak light, making it suitable for plasma emission measurement where strong and weak emissions exist simultaneously.

2. Optical density measurement

The ultra-high dynamic range performance also enables high optical density measurements. The graph on the right compares the Optical Density (OD) values of a holographic filter with an OD of 3 for the OPAL-Luxe with our conventional model (PMA-12). The OPAL-Luxe can detect high OD values that could not be done with our conventional model. In this example, the ultra-high dynamic range performance of the OPAL-Luxe is very effective for the chromatographic determination of high-concentration solutions and trace substances.

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