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Immunochromato reader

C10066-10, C10066-50


The Immunochromato reader makes rapid, high sensitivity, quantitative measurements of color intensities for red, blue and fluorescence based immunochromatographic lateral flow reagents. Since measurement data is saved as a CSV file, it can be analyzed on commercially available spreadsheet software, and calibration curve and time-course graphs then easily drawn. The Immunochromato reader is an optimal tool for research and development work as well as quality control of immunochromatography reagent kits.

This unit is not a medical device. Do not use it for medical diagnosis and treatment.

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Dimensional outline (Unit mm)


Flexible tray (Type No.: A10791)

Color sample for checking main unit (Type No.: A10792)

  • Dedicated AC adapter(Type No.: A14857)
  • USB cable(Type No.: A10796)
  • CD-ROM(includes software and instruction manual)
  • Setup guide

Sold separately

Dip type holder (Type No.: A10793)

Fluorescence reference color sample (Type No.: A15924)

Dedicated RS-232C cable (Type No.: A10794)

  • Custom holders

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