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Optical NanoGauge



The Optical NanoGauge Thickness measurement system C10178 is a non-contact film thickness measurement system utilizing spectral interferometry. Film thickness is measured quickly with high sensitivity and high accuracy through spectral interferometry. Our products use a multichannel spectrometer PMA as detectors, which allows for measurement of quantum yields, reflection, transmission/absorption, and a various other points while simultaneously measuring the thickness of various optical filters and coating films, and more.

The C10178-02 supports UV (200 nm to 950 nm).

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  • High speed and high accuracy (Measurement film thickness range (glass):20 nm~30 μm)
  • Real time measurement
  • Precise measurement of fluctuating film
  • Analyze optical constants (n, k)
  • External control available
  • Quantum yield, reflectance, transmittance and absorption can be measured with specific accessories


Type number C10178-02
Measurement models (features) supports UV
Measurable film thickness range (glass) 20 nm to 30 μm*1
Measurement reproducibility (glass) 0.02 nm*2 *3
Measurement accuracy (glass) ±0.4 %*3 *4
Light source D2-Halogen light source
Measurement wavelength 200 nm to 950 nm
Spot size Approx. φ1 mm*3
Working distance 10 mm*3
Number of measurable layers Max. 10 layers
Analysis FFT analysis, Fitting analysis, Optical constant analysis
Measurement time 19 ms/point*5
Fiber connector shape φ12 sleeve shape
External control function RS-232C, PIPE, Ethernet
Interface USB 2.0
Power supply AC100 V to AC240 V, 50 Hz/60 Hz
Power consumption Approx. 210 VA
*1: When converted with the refractive index of glass = 1.5.
*2: Standard deviation (tolerance) when measuring 400 nm thick glass film.
*3: Depending on optical system or objective lens magnification to be used.
*4: Range of measurement guarantee as recorded in the VLSI Standards measurement guarantee document.
*5: Shortest exposure time.


c10178-02 dimensional outline



a10193-02 dimensional outline

a10192-01 dimensional outline



l6758-11 dimensional outline

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