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Energy differentiation type 64ch radiation line sensor



Hamamatsu Photonics has developed a new radiation line sensor that uses a cadmium telluride detector. This radiation line sensor simultaneously measures the number of radiation photons in 5 different energy regions to acquire their images. By utilizing information on radiation energy passing through a substance, this radiation line sensor identifies the substance material and measures material quantities that include the substance thickness, density and concentration. Potential applications for this radiation line sensor include baggage screening, foreign object inspection of foods, industrial non-destructive testing such as for plumbing, structures and containers, and medical radiography such as X-ray CT and bone densitometry.

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High radiation detection efficiency due to direct conversion type semiconductor (CdTe) detector

Simultaneous energy differentiation of input radiation photons by setting 5 different energy thresholds

Parallel signal readout from each pixel

High counting efficiency

Eliminating effect from beam scattering and hardening by energy differentiation function

Wide energy measurement range covering X-rays and gamma-rays spectral regions

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