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The C10516 scan block is an optical block that combines galvano scanners with a telecentric fθ (F-theta) lens designed for laser beam scanning in the visible range. Coupling the C10516 to other optical blocks allows forming a measurement system for laser scanning fluorescence microscopes, reflecting microscopes, and even confocal microscopes. The 21.5 mm diameter observation area allows making wide-range sample observations. High magnification images can be observed with a photomultiplier tube by attaching the scan block to the C-mount port of a commercially available microscope.

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Laser scanning microscopes

Confocal laser scanning microscopes

(Example) Biological microscopes, Industrial microscopes, DNA chip and protein chip readers


2D scan by two galvano scanners

Contains a telecentric fθ (F-theta) lens

Wide observation area of 21.5 mm diameter

High-magnification observations in combination with a microscope objective lens

Covers a wide spectral range



Dimensional outlines (Unit mm)

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