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Mini-spectrometer RC series



For visible (340 to 780 nm), mini-spectrometer module, Compact and low cost type

HAMAMATSU mini-spectrometer RC series is a family of compact polychromators integrated with a reflection grating and a CMOS linear image sensor. C11007MA is a mini-spectrometer module with a driver circuit. Mini-spectrometer modules have a USB port that connects to a PC for spectrum data collection. They come with sample software for setting measurement conditions, acquiring and saving data, and displaying data graphs, as well as with evalution software and DLL..

-Integrating spectrometer head and drive circuit
-Spectral measurement using PC
-No external power supply required: USB bus power
-A/D conversion: 16-bit
-Wavelength conversion factor is recorded in internal memory

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Spectral response range 340 to 780
Spectral resolution (FWHM) (typ.) 6 nm
Spectral resolution (FWHM) (max.) 9 nm
Cooling Non-cooled
A/D resolution 16 bits
Interface USB 1.1
Built-in sensor CMOS linear image sensor
Number of total pixels 256 pixels
Measurement condition Typ. Ta=25 ℃, unless otherwise noted

Dimensional outline (unit: mm)


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