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Compact NIR PL lifetime spectrometer



The compact NIR PL lifetime spectrometer C12132 series is designed for measuring photoluminescence (PL) spectrum and PL lifetime in the NIR region. Applicable to measure PL lifetime and PL spectrum of material which is related to the conversion efficiency of solar cell, PL lifetime of organic compound and PL spectrum of singlet oxygen.

The C12132-36 complies with laser class 1. It can be used outside of a laser controlled area.

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Type number C12132-36
Excitation light wavelength 532 nm
Output 30 mW
Pulse width <1.0 ns
Repetition rate 15 kHz
Excitation light level adjustment function Automatic control by software
Sensitivity wavelength range 380 nm to 1650 nm (as detector alone)
Measurement wavelength range 580 nm to 1650 nm (with YAG laser 532 nm)
Time resolution < 1.0 ns FWHM
Measurement time range 4 ns to 10 s (with YAG LASER 532 nm 4 ns to 50 μs)
Time axis channel 1024 ch
Total time resolution < 1.0 ns FWHM (as FWHM of IRF with YAG LASER 532 nm)
Laser class Class 1
OS Windows 7 (32 bit) , (64 bit) Windows 10 (64 bit)
Ambient operating temperature +10 °C to +30 °C
Ambient operating humidity 30 % to 80 % (with no condensation)
Ambient storage temperature -10 °C to +50 °C


c12132 dimensional outline



m12977-02 dimensional outline



c12350-01 dimensional outline


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