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X-ray TDI camera



Using the TDI technology and our newly developed method with high sensitivity, C15400-30-50A enables you to obtain high-contrast images in inspecting those materials even with low energy X-ray. With this device, for thin objects such as light element/lightweight materials (ex. CFRP) and other sheet materials, inspections of thickness, dents, streaks, and uneven bonding, which have been difficult until now, have now become possible.

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  • Line speed: 153.8 m/min
  • Detection width: 300 mm, 2048 pixels
  • Pixel size: 146.5 μm × 146.5 μm
  • Dual energy detection supported

Application examples

Aluminum sheet inspection

It is possible to observed such as unevenness, dents, streaks of aluminum sheet.

c15400-30-50A sample image

c15400-30-50A sample image

Lightweight parts inspection

Uneven coating and voids in adhesives that occur when bonding lightweight parts can be observed.

c15400-30-50A sample image


Paper currency enclosed in a package can be detected.

c15400-30-50A 測定例


Type number C15400-30-50A
Scintillator GOS/GOS
Effective X-ray tube voltage range Approx. 25 kV to 110 kV
Detection width 300 mm, 2048 pixels
Number of pixels 4096 (H) × 128 (V) *1
Line speed 1.758 m/min to 153.8 m/min
TDI line rate 1×1: Max. 17.5 kHz (153.8 m/min)
binning 2×2: Max. 17.0 kHz (298.8 m/min)
A/D converter 12 bit
External control interface Base Configuration (Camera Link)
Output signals (Image data) 12 bit digital output
Pixel clock 40.0 MHz (Camera Link)
Power supply DC+24 V
Power consumption Approx. 45 VA
*1 The horizontal pixel count is the sum of the low and high energy side counts.


c15400-30-50a dimensional outline

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