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Driver circuit for NMOS linear image sensor



Low-noise driver circuit for current-output type NMOS linear image sensor

C7884-01 is a driver circuit specifically designed for the Hamamatsu current-output type NMOS linear image sensors. NMOS linear image sensors are self-scanning photodiode arrays integrated with a scanning circuit of N-channel MOS transistors. C7884-01 supplies start pulses and 2-phase clock pulses necessary for image sensor operation. C7884-01 also includes a signal processing circuit to read out video signals from an image sensor in the electric charge accumulation mode. C7884-01 operates by input of a master start pulse, master clock pulse and connection to double power supply (±12 V or ±15 V).

-High-precision operation
-Low noise
-Double power supply (±12 V or ±15 V) operation

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Output Analog
Suitable sensor S3901-128Q, S3901-256F, S3901-256FX, S3901-256Q, S3901-512F, S3901-512FX, S3901-512Q, S3902-128Q, S3902-256Q, S3902-512Q, S3903-1024Q, S3903-256Q, S3903-512Q, S3904-1024F, S3904-1024Q, S3904-256Q, S3904-512F, S3904-512Q, S8380-128Q, S8380-256Q, S8380-512Q, S8381-1024Q, S8381-256Q, S8381-512Q
Image sensor sold separately

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