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NMOS multichannel detector head



Integrated low-noise driver/amplifier circuit for NMOS linear image sensor

The C8892 is multichannel detector head incorporating low-noise driver/amplifier circuit developed for HAMAMATSU NMOS linear image sensors. The C8892 is designed especially for compactness, having an overall length as short as 40 mm or less. In addition, the C8892 is designed for ease of use. It is provided with circular flange for connection to monochrometer and adjustment mechanism for optical alignment for NMOS linear image sensor. The flange is interchangeable, thus facilitating connection to various models of monochrometer. The housing case also provides a shielding effect against external noise. As useful options, peripheral devices are available for driving the C8892, and for the output signal processing.

-Low noise
-Wide dynamic range
-Operatable with simple input signals
-Interchangeable flange
-Simple electrical and optical adjustments

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Output Analog
Suitable sensor S3901-128Q, S3901-256F, S3901-256FX, S3901-256Q, S3901-512F, S3901-512FX, S3901-512Q, S3902-128Q, S3902-256Q, S3902-512Q, S3903-1024Q, S3903-256Q, S3903-512Q, S3904-1024F, S3904-1024Q, S3904-256Q, S3904-512F, S3904-512Q, S8380-128Q, S8380-256Q, S8380-512Q, S8381-1024Q, S8381-256Q, S8381-512Q
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