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Image intensifier unit



Connecting a C9016 series image intensifier unit to the front of a CCD camera or CMOS camera makes it easy to capture images of low-light-level phenomena occurring at high speeds.

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Product Name I.I. unit
Measurement Wavelength Visible to near IR range
Gate Time 10 us to 100 ms
Gate Maximum Repetition Frequency 0.2 kHz
Photocathode GaAs
Spectral Response (Short) 370 nm
Spectral Response (Long) 920 nm
Spectral Response (Peak) 800 nm
[I.I. unit] Input Area 17 mm
[I.I. unit] Output Area 12.8 x 9.6 mm
[I.I. unit] Phosphor Screen Output Window P43 / FOP
Stages of MCP 1
[I.I. unit] Luminous Gain Typ. 4.0 x 104 (lm/m2)/lx
[I.I. unit] EBI Radiant Typ. 4.0 x 10-14 W/cm2
[I.I. unit] Limiting Resolution Typ. 64 Lp/mm
PC Control USB
Power Supply AC 100 to 240 V or USB
Operating Ambient Temperature 0 to +40 ℃
Operating Ambient Humidity Less than 70 %

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