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Signal processing circuit for 2-D PSD



Digital output for connection with PC

C9069 (for pin-cushion type two-dimensional PSD) is DC signal processing circuits specifically designed for position measurement using PSD. Digital output allows direct connection with a personal computer through a serial (RS-232C) interface. C9069 is capable of detecting accurate positions of a spot light regardless of light intensity. A D/A conversion signal is also output for monitoring, and when a voltmeter is connected to this D/A conversion output, the output voltage value directly represents position data. (Output voltage represents the distance from the center of PSD. 1 V=1 mm)

- Digital output
- Serial (RS-232C) connection with PC
- D/A conversion signal output for monitoring
- Easy handling due to single +12 V supply operation
- No complicated adjustment required

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Dimensional outline (unit: mm)


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