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UV power meter

C9536_H9958 series


The C9536/H9958 series are optical power meters designed to measure absolute optical power of UV light (mW/cm2). These optical power meters have a flat spectral response over a wide UV wavelength region, and are capable of measuring the optical power independent of the spectral emission distribution of a light source to be measured. Unlike commonly available UV power meters, optical power of various UV light sources can be easily measured with just one unit of this power meter, without having correct each wavelength of emitted light. A combination of the C9536-02 and H9958-02 is suitable for measuring the optical power of high output UV-LED. Also, we recommend a combination of the C9536-01 and H9958 as a power meter to measure the optical power of light sources for photocatalysis.

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Traceable to National Standard in Japan and a Certificate of Calibration is Appended

Flat Spectral Response Characteristics Over a Wide UV Region

High Sensitivity (detectable down to 1 uW/cm2) (H9958, H9958-01)

Compatible with high output UV-LED (H9958-02)

Ideal for Monitoring / Controlling Light Source Power for Photocatalyst (H9958)


Black Light


Ultraviolet Rays (UV-A)

Mercury-Xenon Lamp

High Pressure Mercury-Xenon Lamp

Deuterium Lamp


Sensor characteristics

Dimensional outlines (Unit mm)

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