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C-shaped X-ray line scan camera



The C-shaped X-ray line scan camera is to meet the demands in the tire inspection. It is based on the Hamamatsu C9750 Series Xray line scan camera technologies, and it offers an image of 3456 pixels resolution horizontally with no gap (<1 pixel) for whole effective area while the tire rotate one revolution. The high sensitivity and wide intensity dynamic range provide fast and excellent detectability for reliable inspection.

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Type number C9750-27FCD
Detection method Scintillator method
Scintillator Gd-scintillator
Effective X-ray tube voltage range Approx. 25 kV to 160 kV
X-ray tolerance range 160 kV, 500 W max.
Sensor element pitch 0.4 mm
Detection width 1382.4 mm, 3456 pixels
Line speed 4 m/min to 36 m/min (0.167 kHz to 1.500 kHz, PCLK5.33 MHz)
A/D converter 12 bit
Digital interface RS-422 (Standard)
External control interface RS-232C
Output signals (Image data) 12 bit digital output: RS-422
Output signals (Synchronization signal) VALID signals: RS-422, CLK signal (5.33 MHz)**: RS-422
Ambient operating temperature 0 ℃ to +40 ℃
Ambient storage temperature -10 ℃ to +50 ℃
Ambient operating/storage humidity 30 % to 80 % (with no condensation)
Power supply DC+15 V / DC+5 V
① When irradiating more than 160 kV, it is necessary to put additional Pb plate to protect circuits. Please contact Hamamatsu subsidiary or local distributor.
② Even when conveyer speed becomes faster than the line speed the detection can be done. OPTION: 4 m/min. to 54 m/min. (0.167 kHz to 2.292 kHz) (PCL8.0 MHz)
③ Camera Link interface (M10389-01) is available as option. When X64 or Xcelera is used the M10389-01A is necessary as option. (CLK signal: 20 MHz)
④ AC adapter (A8206-21) is available as option.


c9750-27fcd dimensional outline

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