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Terahertz photoconductive switch



THz photoconductive switch(sometimes called as photoconductive antenna) G12864 series is able to emit and/or detect THz wave by illuminating an ultrafast pulse laser. Small element size(6 mm ×10 mm) helps easy installation in a system.

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  • Far-infrared spectroscopy
  • Material analysis
  • Nondestructive and non-contact inspection
  • Structure inspection
  • Security, etc.

Prepared patterns

Prepared electrode patterns of photoconductive switch / schematic figure of photoconductive part

g12864 Prepared Patterns

Absolute maximum ratings

Parameter Symbol Value Unit
Applied voltage Vop ±10 V
Average input optical power *1) *2) Pave 10 mW
Operating temperature *3) *4) Top(c) +5 to +40
Storage temperature *3) *4) Tstg -20 to +60

*1) The beam diameter on the chip surface should be larger than 10 μm (1/e2).
*2) Use a femtosecond laser with repetition rate from 50 MHz to 150 MHz.
*3) No condensation.
*4) In the vacuum or non-activated gas atmosphere.

Dimensional outline (unit: mm)


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